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Some important benefits of payday loans

Although payday loans have some really serious flaws, they also have some very important advantages. Some of them need to be carefully considered when you think about funding of your own budget. We are going to talk about them in the next few lines. It is important to make a Read On..

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No more payday loans ads on TV?

A few months ago in the UK has been started an initiative aiming to forbid the TV advertising of payday loans. The request was at least to stop such ads until 9 PM with the main idea to limit the influence over the young people under 18. There were some Read On..

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Disadvantages of payday loans

At first glance, to take a payday loan looks extremely attractive. Without much efforts, with just an ID card everybody could take a small amount of money to cover important and urgent expenses. However, this comes with some serious disadvantages, which is good to be considered before applying for a Read On..

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